What is the best squash racket?

Published: 21st March 2012
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Squash is one of the most famous sports which are played worldwide. It is often regarded as a fitness sport as people need to have a lot of stamina and energy to play squash. In order to play squash comfortably, a very specific squash gear is required. The first item a recreational player would need to play this great game of squash is a high quality squash racket. Being a passionate squash player, I have been asked the question “what is the best squash racket for me?”many times by my friends, colleagues at work, other squash players or ordinary people considering starting playing this great and extremely healthy sport. If I had a penny for every time I was asked this question, I would be able to buy myself a high quality squash racket by now.

Up to a few months ago, I would avoid answering this question or I would offer a rather vague response advising novice players to try several squash rackets and decide by themselves. The main reason behind this answer was the fact that I was personally unable to find a squash racket which would completely satisfy all my needs and requirements, a racket which I would be able to recommend without any reservation. There are a lot of squash rackets available in the market, belonging to different manufacturers and brands. When it comes to choosing the best squash rackets, many people opt for those manufactured by the big four: Prince, Dunlop, Head or Wilson. This is as far as my recommendation would go.

About 6 months ago, I decided to change my old racket, it served me well for years, however, it was time to for one of the new high tech squash rackets. I performed some online research and after 2 weeks of detailed selection process, I chose a winner. I purchased Prince EXO3 Rebel Signature Squash Racket and let me tell you one thing; this is AN AWSOME squash racket. It took me a week or so to get used to my new “squash weapon”, however, since then I can say this is the best squash racket I have ever played with.

In terms of its main characteristics, Prince EXO3 Rebel Signature Squash Racket comes with the signature of James Willstrop, who is current No.1 player in the world; he took over this title at the start of 2012 from his greatest rival Nick Matthew. So, yes, in case you need a new squash racket, this is not a very hard decision, if No.1 player in the world uses it and likes it, there is a possibility that you might like it as well.

This racket has been created for players who would like to have maximum comfort, feel and power. It uses the EXO3 technology, which evolved out of its predecessor, the Speedport technology. The EXO3 technology offers maximum power by using string suspension and large holes, allowing free reaction of the strings. The unique exo - skeletal structure suspends the strings from its frame increasing the sweet spot by 83%, according to its manufacturer. This racket is also equipped with Double Bridge technology, which helps in the reduction of shock and the vibration of the strings, in order to provide added comfort in using it.

Prince EXO3 Rebel Signature Squash Racket is ideal for people who would like a squash racket with light weight, strong grip and powerful or heavy head. It is able to produce a lot of power with minimum effort. The pattern of the strings enables the racket to be more efficient and allow maximum bounce in each shot. The best part is that, in spite of the high power and energy it provided with each shot, it does not vibrate a lot, which makes it very comfortable for the players. It is the ideal racket for anyone looking for more power and efficiency, and a racket with light weight and heavy head. The only negative side of this racket I can think of is this adaptation period which might be required, especially for novice squash players. Because of its heavy head, beginners may not be able to achieve much control over their shots. The power associated with this racket will not be too beneficial for the beginners as they will not be able to moderate their shots. However, this is something which disappears as you get more experienced in playing squash.

To sum up, Prince EXO3 Rebel Signature Squash Racket is the ideal racket for people who are looking for comfort, power, efficiency and energy. It is of light weight (135 gms) and anyone can use it with ease. Not only this is a great squash racket, it is also signed by James Willstrop, which makes is fancy and stylish. After playing this game for years, this is the only racket which I can recommend without any hesitation. It is up to you whether you feel like following my advice or learning on your own mistakes.

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